Afriso alarm system WGA06 for oil, fuel and grease separators


Afriso alarm system for oi, fuel and grease separators WGA06

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Afriso alarm system WGA06 for oil, fuel and grease separators

Together withΒ the WGA-Γ–W probe, the Afriso alarm unit for separators WGA 06Β monitors pump and control shafts in separator systems for oil accumulations and generates an alarm signal before pollutants can reach the sewage system.Β It is also possible to connect the WGA-AS probe. This way, the maximum levels in separators or retention tanks can be detected. This avoids overfillingΒ that may be caused by clogged outlets or other circumstances. This unit keeps harmful substances from reaching the sewage water system. WGA 06 consists of a control unit and a capacitance probe (WGA-Γ–W or WGA-AS). The control unit is equipped with 2 relay outputs, visual and audible alarms as well as Test and Acknowledge buttons. Either the floating probe WGA-Γ–W or the fixed probe WGA-AS can be connected. WGA-Γ–W floats on the surfaceΒ of the water in the shaft and generates an alarm signal when an oil, grease or petrol layer of at least 15 mm has built up. WGA-AS is mounted above the constant level of the separator or the retention tank. An alarm is triggered when the maximum level is reached. The control unit monitors the probes for short circuits or line interruptions. Technical data: – supply voltage: AC 230 V – power consumption: approx. 2 VA – switching outputs: relay contact: 2 voltage-free changeover contacts (1 can be acknowledged) contact rating: AC 250Β  V/5Β  A/100 VA – dimensions (W x H x D): 175 x 125 x 75 mm – type of protection: IP65 Probe not included in the scope of delivery ! Probe WGA-Γ–W: Art.-no.:Β Β  G227675706  

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