Afriso WaterControl 01 1″ IT


Afriso WaterControl 01 G 1″ IG

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Afriso WaterControl 01 1″ IT

The Afriso WaterControl 01 is used for closing and opening a water pipe in buildings, manually, electrically oder remotely-controlled in response to an event message from theΒ water sensors like WaterSensor Eco orΒ by switches by means of EnOcean radio system. WaterControl features a drinking water-approved ball valve with electric motorΒ  and a control unit with power supply and an EnOceanΒ® radio module. Technical data: – control unit: AC 100 – 240 V – ball valve: G 1″ IT ( with drinking water approval) – running-time of 90Β° (in sec.) < 10 – voltage supply: 24 V DC – operation: 0Β° up to 50Β° C – medium: 4Β° C up to 80Β° C – dimensions electric motor (W X H X D): 65 x 140 x 70 mm  

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