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Afriso WaterSensor Eco

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Afriso WaterSensor Eco

The Afriso WaterSensor eco detects water leaks and is independent from external energy sources, no power supply unit, no batteries. WaterSensor eco is water-tight and maintenance-free. WaterSensor ecoΒ is equipped with fibreΒ disks at the bottom side which work as a sensor. It does not require an additional power supply. In case of a leak, the fibre disks expand and move a piston valve. That is how power is generated to sendΒ an EnOceanΒ® radio signal to an EnOceanΒ® centre. WaterSensor eco sends a radio signal when the fibre disks expand (wet) and a radio signal. when the fibre disks shrink to their normal size (dry) again. Each WaterSensor eco has a unique identification. If several water detectors are used, the EnOceanΒ® centre can distinuish betweeen the individual water detectors. With each expanding process, the fibre disks decrease in hub and don’t shrink back to their normal sizesΒ when dry. The first five expanding processes need max. six minutes each. From the 6th expanding process onwards, it might take an hour until a radio signal is triggered. From the 10th expanding process, the WaterSensor is not rated as safe any more and must be exchanged.

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