Elco 13009663, Transformer EBI M with plug


Elco 13009663, Transformer EBI M with plug

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Elco 13009663, Transformer EBI M with plug

Suitable for:
V-EL01.34/51/75, V-L01.40/42/55/95, V-BL01.22/28/35, V-BL01.18/22D, V-L01.18/22/26/30D, V-L02.120/160/210, V-L02.120D/160D/210D, V-L03.240D/300D, V-G05.700/1000DP, V-G05.700/1000M, V-L06.1600D, V-L06.2100DP, V-G06.1600/2100M, V-G06.1600/2100DP, V-GL06.1600/2100DP, V-L1.40, V-L1.42, V-L1.55, V-L1.95, V-BL1.20, V-BL1.24, V-BL1.28, V-BL1.30, V-BL1.35, V-EL1.34, V-EL1.50, V-EL1.75, V-G1.40, V-G1.55, V-G1.85, EK01B.3/4L-TH, EK01B.4/6L, EK01B.4L-H, EK01B.9L, EK01B.28/35L-NH, E01B.18/22L-Z, EK03B.24/30L-Z, EK05B.70/100G/F-ZVT, EK05.70/100G/F-ET, EK06.160/210G/F-ET, EK06B.160/210G/F-ZVT, VB 2.38-100

Technical data:
230 V / 50-60 Hz
Ignition voltage: 2 x 7,5 kV
Ignition current: 40 mA
Switch-on time: 20 %
Plug connection
Ignition cable plug connection: Ø 4 mm

replaces: 65 300 469, 13 000 042, 173 854 8543

Manufacturer number13009663

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