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Fail-Safe Actuators

Ensure reliability and safety with Belimo Fail-Safe Actuators. Our category features precision fail-safe technology for reliable control systems and enhanced safety in critical industrial applications.

Reliability and safety are paramount in critical industrial applications, and Belimo Fail-Safe Actuators are designed to deliver just that. Our fail-safe actuators feature precision technology that ensures consistent and reliable control systems, providing peace of mind in even the most demanding environments. With a range of products in this category, including the BELIMO NF24A-SZ, BELIMO NF24A-SZ-S2, BELIMO SF24A-SZ, BELIMO SF24A-SZ-S2, and BELIMO NKQ24A-SZ, you can trust that your operations will run smoothly and securely.

Whether you need fail-safe actuators for HVAC systems, building automation, or other industrial applications, Belimo has you covered. Our products are built to the highest standards, offering unmatched durability and performance. Don't compromise on safety and reliability - choose Belimo Fail-Safe Actuators for your critical control needs.

      BELIMO NKQ24A-SZ POP Antrieb NKQ24 4s SZ 0…10VThe BELIMO NKQ24A-SZ is a cutting-edge actuator designed to enhance the functionality of your HVAC system. Engineered with high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, this actuator...

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      BELIMO SF24A-SZ-S2 Spring retu.24V,95°,20Nm,SwitchExperience precise and efficient control of your HVAC systems with the BELIMO SF24A-SZ-S2 Spring Return Actuator. This high-quality actuator is designed for seamless integration into your...

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      BELIMO SF24A-SZ Spring act. 24V, modul. 95°, 20NmThe BELIMO SF24A-SZ is a high-quality spring return actuator designed for reliable and efficient operation. With a voltage rating of 24V, this actuator is ideal for a variety of industrial and...

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      BELIMO NF24A-SZ-S2 Spring return 24V, 95°, 10Nm 0-10VThe BELIMO NF24A-SZ-S2 is a high-quality spring return actuator designed to enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system. Operating on 24 volts, this actuator provides precise control with a...

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      BELIMO NF24A-SZ Spring return 24V, 95°, 10Nm, 0-10VThe BELIMO NF24A-SZ is a high-quality spring return actuator designed for precise control and seamless operation in HVAC systems. With a voltage rating of 24V, this actuator offers reliable...

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