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Piezo Igniters

Piezo igniters are essential components in gas-powered appliances, providing a reliable and convenient way to ignite the gas and start the heating process. Designed for use in a variety of gas appliances such as stoves, ovens, and water heaters, piezo igniters offer a simple and efficient way to light the gas without the need for matches or lighters.

Piezo igniters work by creating a spark when a button is pressed, which ignites the gas and starts the combustion process. This makes them a safe and reliable option for igniting gas appliances, as they do not require an open flame to get the gas started.

In this category, you will find a range of piezo igniters designed for specific gas appliances, such as the Piezo igniter De Dietrich DTG and DTG K models. These igniters are made to high standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that your gas appliances are always ready to use with a simple press of a button. Upgrade your gas appliances with a dependable piezo igniter for easy and hassle-free operation.