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A burner is made up of several parts including the flame scanners, flame sensors, damper motors, electro-hydraulic actuators, multiblocs & gas train, gas solenoid valves, pressure switches, oil & gas filters, oil burner nozzles, burner fuel pump, combi stats, ignition transformers, ignition cables and ignition electrodes.

kestakon limited offer an extensive range of genuine high quality Satronic Honeywell Burner spare parts and accessories for both domestic and industrial burners. For any Satronic Honeywell spares that you cannot find here on the website please contact our office.


Satronic is a comprehensive product category offering a wide range of burner spare parts and accessories for domestic and industrial burners. These parts are essential components that ensure the efficient and safe operation of burners in various heating systems. From flame scanners to gas solenoid valves, Satronic provides high-quality genuine parts that are essential for the functionality of burners.

The Satronic category by Kestakon Limited offers customers the convenience of finding all the necessary spare parts in one place. Whether you are looking for oil burner nozzles, ignition transformers, or pressure switches, this category has you covered. If you are unable to find a specific Satronic Honeywell spare part on the website, Kestakon Limited encourages you to reach out to their office for assistance.

Choose Satronic for reliable and top-quality burner spare parts that ensure the smooth operation of your heating systems. Trust Kestakon Limited to provide you with the best Satronic Honeywell products for all your burner needs.