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Expansion tanks

Expansion tanks are essential components in plumbing systems, specifically in closed-loop heating systems and water supply systems. These tanks are designed to accommodate the fluctuations in volume of water or other fluids due to temperature changes, preventing excess pressure buildup within the system.

By absorbing the increased volume of fluid as it expands, expansion tanks help to maintain safe and efficient operation of the system, prolonging the lifespan of components such as pipes, valves, and pumps. These tanks are typically installed near boilers, water heaters, or in-line with plumbing systems to provide the necessary space for fluid expansion.

Expansion tanks come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit different system requirements and can be pressurized or non-pressurized depending on the application. It is crucial to properly size and install expansion tanks to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues such as water hammer or damage to system components.

Find a suitable expansion tank for your plumbing system to ensure smooth and reliable operation, protect your equipment, and promote energy efficiency.

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