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Flame tubes

Flame tubes are essential components in heating systems, providing a controlled environment for combustion to occur efficiently. This product category includes a variety of flame tubes and flame heads designed for different types of heating systems, such as the OERTLI FKS 10 and De Dietrich models like the FKN11-B special and FKS 40.

Whether you need a flame tube for a specific model like the M 1-3,4,5 RN or a flame head with double ignition electrodes, this category offers a wide selection to meet your heating system requirements. De Dietrich products within this category are known for their high quality and durability, ensuring reliable performance over time.

In addition to flame tubes and flame heads, this category also includes pressure plates and other accessories to support the installation and maintenance of heating systems. With options for various models and heating capacities, you can find the right flame tube for your specific needs in this comprehensive product category.