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Flame cups

Flame cups are a popular choice for individuals looking to efficiently heat their homes or businesses. These products provide a reliable and consistent source of warmth, perfect for combating cold weather. With options ranging from 17 kW to 28 kW, customers can select the flame cup that best suits their heating needs.

Crafted by trusted brands like Buderus, these flame cups are designed for optimal performance and durability. The Buderus S115, 63015287, Flame cup 17 kW BE/TE, and the Flame cup 17-21 kW, Buderus S105, 63015267 are just a few examples of the quality products available in this category. Easy to install and user-friendly, flame cups offer a convenient heating solution for any space.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current heating system or need a reliable backup source, flame cups are an excellent choice. Discover the warmth and comfort these products provide by exploring our selection of top-notch flame cups today.