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Pressure switches

Pressure switches are essential devices used in various industries to monitor and control the pressure of liquids and gases. From water pressure gauges to air pressure gauges, this category includes a wide range of products designed to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Pressure switches like the De Dietrich 0274324 and the HUBA 505 G3 are known for their accuracy and reliability in measuring pressure levels. The DPS/DPSM 10-30 and WBK series are popular choices for their versatility and durability in harsh environments.

Whether you are looking to maintain the pressure in a heating system or monitor the gas pressure in a manufacturing plant, there is a pressure switch unit in this category to suit your needs. With brands like De Dietrich leading the way in innovation and quality, you can trust that these products will meet your expectations.

Choose from a variety of pressure switches in this category to ensure smooth operations and precise pressure control in your industry.