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Drives are essential components in various mechanical systems, responsible for controlling the movement of different parts or processes. These systems include valves such as the 3/2-way valve (change-over valve), Viessmann, 7819877, 3-way valve, 24 V, Viessmann, 7408101, and 3-way valve without coil, Viessmann 7813934. Drives play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of valves, controlling the flow of fluids, gases, or other media within a system. These products are designed to provide precise and efficient control over the mechanisms they are connected to, allowing for automation and optimization of processes. High-quality drives are essential for maintaining the performance and reliability of industrial equipment, making them a vital category for various industries. Whether used in HVAC systems, manufacturing machinery, or other applications, drives are integral components that help drive productivity and efficiency in mechanical systems.