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SSP, or Siemens SIPROTEC, is a category of protective relays designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems. These advanced devices provide protection against electrical faults, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and differential current, by detecting and isolating abnormalities in the system.

The Siemens SSP series includes a range of models, each offering specific features and capabilities to meet the varying needs of different applications. For example, the SSP31 is a compact and cost-effective relay ideal for distribution systems, while the SSP81 is a high-performance relay suitable for the most demanding industrial environments.

With features like advanced communication interfaces, event logging, and self-testing capabilities, the SSP relays are easy to install, monitor, and maintain. They also offer high accuracy and fast response times, ensuring the timely detection and mitigation of electrical faults to prevent damage to equipment and ensure the safety of personnel.

Overall, the SSP category of protective relays from Siemens is the ideal solution for protecting electrical systems against a wide range of faults, providing peace of mind and reliability in critical applications.
  • Siemens SSP81, Electromotoric actuator

    Siemens SSP81

    Siemens SSP81 Electromotoric actuator, 160 N, 2.5 mm, 1.5 m, AC 24 V, 3P Datasheet The Siemens SSP81 Electromotoric Actuator is a high-quality, reliable product designed for various applications. With a force of 160 N and a stroke of 2.5 mm, this...

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  • Siemens SSP61 Replaced by SSF161.05HF

    Siemens SSP61 Replaced by SSF161.05HF

      Siemens SSP61 Replaced by SSF161.05HF Electromotoric actuator, 160 N, 2.5 mm, 1.5 m, AC/DC 24 V, DC 0...10 V Datasheet The Siemens SSP61, now replaced by the SSF161.05HF, is an electromotoric actuator designed to provide precise and reliable...

  • Siemens SSP31

    Siemens SSP31

    Siemens SSP31 Electromotoric actuator, 160 N, 2.5 mm, 1.5 m, AC 230 V, 3P - For small valves VVP47.., VXP47.. and VMP47..- For retrofitting the small valves 2W.., 3W.. and 4W.. with adapter AL100. Datasheet The Siemens SSP31 Electromotoric Actuator is...

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