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The RXB category offers a range of innovative room controllers designed for various heating, cooling, and ventilation applications. With products like the Siemens RXB21.1/FC-11 and Siemens RXB21.1/FC-10, users can efficiently control temperature settings and monitor equipment performance. The Room controller RXB24.1 is specifically tailored for chilled ceiling and radiator applications, providing enhanced comfort and energy savings. For fan-coil applications, the RXB39.1 Communicating room controller offers advanced features and seamless communication capabilities. The Siemens RXB22.1/FC-12 is another standout product in this category, known for its reliability and precise temperature control. Whether for residential or commercial use, the RXB category ensures optimal climate control and system efficiency. Explore the diverse range of RXB products to find the perfect solution for your heating and cooling needs.