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Non Fail-Safe Actuators

Ensure consistent and efficient industrial performance with Belimo Non Fail-Safe Actuators. Our category features reliable actuation solutions and precision control technology, delivering excellence in your industrial applications.

Enhance the reliability and productivity of your industrial operations with Belimo Non Fail-Safe Actuators. Precision-engineered for consistent performance, these actuators are designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications. The Belimo Non Fail-Safe Actuators category encompasses a range of high-quality products such as the BELIMO CM24-L-100D.2, BELIMO CM24-L-150D.2, BELIMO CM230-L-100D.2, BELIMO CM230-L-125D.2, and BELIMO CM230-L-150D.2.

Whether you require precise control technology or reliable actuation solutions, our Non Fail-Safe Actuators are tailored to deliver excellence in every aspect of your industrial processes. With Belimo, you can trust that your operations will run smoothly and efficiently, helping you achieve optimal performance and maximize productivity. Choose Belimo Non Fail-Safe Actuators for unparalleled quality, performance, and durability in your industrial applications.
  • BELIMO CM230-L-150D.2

    BELIMO CM230-L-150D.2 Actuator with damper 230V O/C L DN150The BELIMO CM230-L-150D.2 Actuator with Damper is a high-quality solution for controlling airflows in ventilation systems. This reliable actuator is designed for use with dampers and operates...

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  • BELIMO CM230-L-100D.2

    BELIMO CM230-L-100D.2 Actuator with damper 230V O/C L DN100The Belimo CM230-L-100D.2 Actuator with Damper is a high-quality and reliable solution for controlling HVAC systems. Designed for use with a 230V power supply, this actuator is suitable for a...

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  • BELIMO CM24-L-150D.2

    BELIMO CM24-L-150D.2 Actuator with damper 24V O/C L DN150The BELIMO CM24-L-150D.2 Actuator with Damper is a high-quality and reliable product designed to provide efficient control and operation of dampers in various HVAC systems. With a 24-volt...

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  • BELIMO CM24-L-100D.2

      BELIMO CM24-L-100D.2 Actuator w/ damper 24V O/C L DN100The BELIMO CM24-L-100D.2 Actuator with Damper is a reliable and efficient solution for your HVAC system. This high-quality actuator is designed to work with a 24V power supply and features an...

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