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Ignition transformers

Ignition transformers are essential components used in various heating systems to facilitate the ignition process. These transformers are designed to generate high-voltage electrical sparks that ignite the fuel mixture in burners, boilers, and other combustion devices. The ignition transformer category features a variety of products, including the Ignition transformer 10/20 MAN/Wolf REW 2.4, 95.95272-0019, Ignition transformer, 24 V DC, EWFE/MAN Micromat ME 25 M, ME 25 S, 96.00025-1510, Transformer EBI with cable MAN GE 1 H, 95.95272-0020, and Ignition transformer MAN RE 1.0-1.5 LN, 95.95272-0018.

These high-quality ignition transformers are designed to provide reliable and consistent performance while ensuring safe and efficient operation of heating systems. Whether you are installing a new heating system or replacing an existing ignition transformer, you can trust these products to deliver the spark needed to ignite your fuel and keep your heating system running smoothly. Upgrade your ignition system with these top-of-the-line transformers for optimal performance and peace of mind.