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The Miscellaneous category offers a variety of essential products for control units, gas burners, transformers, photocells, and flame detectors. Some of the items included in this category are control units like the Honeywell DMG 972 mod. 01 0452001U and DKG 972 mod. 10, gas burner control units such as the Honeywell DKG 972 mod. 28 0332028, and various cables and plugs for transformer and photocell applications.

Additionally, this category features infrared flicker detectors like the Honeywell IRD 1010 and 1020 in different colors and configurations, as well as flame detectors such as the Satronic FFW 930.1. The products in this category are designed to ensure the proper functioning and safety of heating systems and equipment.

Whether you are in need of a UV sensor, terminal base, or a specific type of infrared flicker detector, the Miscellaneous category provides a selection of high-quality products from trusted brands like Honeywell and Satronic. Shop this category for all your control unit and sensor needs.