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Safety component ignition controllers light and prove gas burners. Intermittent pilot, direct spark and direct hot surface ignition models available. Contactors. Hard-edged and ready for action, PowerPro contactors are compact, versatile and tough. Fan Centers. Control Center provides low voltage control of line voltage fan ..

HONEYWELL brings you a wide range of safety component ignition controllers designed to reliably light and prove gas burners. With options including intermittent pilot, direct spark, and direct hot surface ignition models, you can find the perfect solution for your heating needs. Additionally, the PowerPro contactors offered by HONEYWELL are built tough and ready for action, providing compact and versatile control of line voltage. For those in need of fan control solutions, HONEYWELL offers Fan Centers that provide low voltage control to ensure efficient operation of your HVAC system. With HONEYWELL products, you can trust that your safety and control needs are being met with high-quality, reliable components designed to keep your systems running smoothly.