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Communication units

Siemens central communication units. ACT20 - Parameterizing and diagnostics software · M-Bus - M-bus metering system · OZW672.. - Web Server for LPB devices ...

The Communication Units category encompasses a range of Siemens products designed to streamline communication processes in industrial settings. The ACT20 parameterizing and diagnostics software enables users to easily configure and monitor various communication units within their systems. The M-Bus metering system is a reliable solution for collecting data from multiple meters, providing accurate readings for efficient management of resources. The OZW672 Web Server offers a user-friendly interface for controlling LPB devices remotely, enhancing convenience and accessibility. These communication units are essential tools for ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient data management in various industrial applications. With Siemens' reputation for quality and innovation, customers can trust that these products will deliver reliable performance and meet their communication needs effectively. Upgrade your communication systems with Siemens central communication units to optimize operations and enhance productivity in your industry.
  • Siemens OCI412.10

    Siemens OCI412.10

    Siemens OCI412.10 Mobus interface (RS-485), between burner control and Modbus system Datasheet The Siemens OCI412.10 is a reliable and efficient Modbus interface designed to establish communication between burner control systems and Modbus systems...

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  • Siemens OCI410.40

    Siemens OCI410.40

    Siemens OCI410.40 Gateway BCI-PC tool ACS410, access level OEM Datasheet The Siemens OCI410.40 Gateway BCI-PC Tool ACS410 is a reliable and efficient access level OEM product that offers seamless integration and control in a variety of industrial...

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  • Siemens OCI410.31

    Siemens OCI410.31

    Siemens OCI410.31 Gateway BCI-PC tool ACS410, for LME/O39, access level OEM Datasheet  The Siemens OCI410.31 Gateway BCI-PC Tool ACS410 is a cutting-edge product designed for seamless integration with LME/O39 systems, offering unmatched access...

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  • Siemens OCI410.30

    Siemens OCI410.30

    Siemens OCI410.30 Gateway BCI-PC tool ACS410, access level heating engineer Datasheet The Siemens OCI410.30 Gateway BCI-PC Tool ACS410 is a reliable and efficient access level heating engineer for all your heating control needs. This product is...

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  • Siemens OCI410.20

    Siemens OCI410.20

    Siemens OCI410.20 Gateway BCI-PC tool ACS410, access level info service Datasheet  The Siemens OCI410.20 Gateway BCI-PC Tool ACS410 offers a comprehensive access level info service for efficient and secure operations. With its advanced...

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  • Siemens OCI400

    Siemens OCI400

    Siemens OCI400 OCI400 - Optical interface, between burner control and PC tool ACS400 or ACS410The Siemens OCI400 is an essential optical interface that facilitates seamless communication between the burner control system and the PC tool ACS400 or ACS410...

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  • OZW672.01. Web Server for 1 LPB/BSB device REPLACES THE OZS164.13/101

    Siemens OZW672.01

      Siemens OZW672.01 Web Server Web Server for 1 LPB/BSB device Web server OZW672 allows for remote plant control and monitoring via the web Operate web browser via PC/laptop and Smartphone Operate via ACS790 PC tool Connections: USB and Ethernet...

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