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Burner control unit

The Burner Control Unit category features a variety of high-quality products designed to control and regulate the operation of burners in heating systems. From top brands like Riello and Chauffage Francais, these control units are essential for ensuring efficient and safe functioning of burner systems.

Whether you are looking for a replacement for your current unit or upgrading to a more advanced model, this category offers a wide selection to choose from. Some of the popular products in this category include the Riello RMO 503SE 3001150, which replaces the 502SE model, and the Riello Control Box RMG 508 SE 3001138.

With features such as precise temperature control, safety mechanisms, and easy installation, these burner control units are ideal for both residential and commercial heating systems. Browse through the range of products in this category to find the perfect control unit for your burner system needs.