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Ignition electrodes

The ignition electrode category includes a wide range of products designed to facilitate the efficient and reliable operation of various heating systems. Ignition electrodes play a crucial role in creating the spark needed to ignite fuel, ensuring that heating systems function smoothly and effectively.

Within this category, you will find a diverse selection of ignition electrodes suitable for different heating systems and applications. From models like the Riello R8746 to the Riello R101850, each product is designed to meet the specific requirements of different heating systems, providing consistent and reliable ignition performance.

Whether you are looking for an ignition electrode with or without earth, for semi-automatic or fully automatic systems, you are sure to find a suitable product within this category. With options like the Riello Ecover 9, 36 fully automatic, the Riello RMC E 10-37 LOW NOX, or the Riello Gulliver BG 4-5, this category offers a comprehensive selection of ignition electrodes to suit various needs and preferences.