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Diaphragm gas meter

Diaphragm gas meters are precision instruments used for measuring the flow of gas in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These meters are essential for accurately monitoring gas consumption and ensuring that the correct amount of gas is being delivered to customers.

With various sizes and configurations available, diaphragm gas meters such as the double-pipe BK-G4, single-pipe BK-G6, and double-pipe BK-G25 from Elster/Kromschroder provide options for different flow rates and installation requirements. These meters are designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to read, making them ideal for a wide range of gas metering applications.

Some models, like the BK-G10 and BK-G16, are equipped with pulse encoders and conversion kits for added functionality and flexibility. Whether for residential buildings, commercial properties, or industrial facilities, diaphragm gas meters play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient gas distribution.

Choose a diaphragm gas meter that meets your specific needs and enjoy reliable gas measurement for years to come.