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1 Or 2 Phase

The 1 Or 2 Phase category consists of electric heating controllers designed for external input signals of 0-10 V, compatible with both 230 V AC and 400 V AC power supplies. These controllers are suitable for wall mounting, making them versatile solutions for various heating applications.

With the CTR400X010 Electric Heating Controller, users can easily regulate the temperature of their space with precision. The device offers dependable performance and efficiency, ensuring optimal heating control for enhanced comfort.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, products in this category provide a reliable solution for controlling heating systems with ease. Whether you need to adjust the temperature in a single-phase or two-phase system, these controllers offer flexibility and convenience.

Upgrade your heating system with the innovative solutions found in the 1 Or 2 Phase category. Experience the benefits of advanced heating control technology and achieve a comfortable environment with ease.