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Control units

Control units are essential components in various heating systems, allowing for precise and efficient regulation of temperature and combustion processes. This category includes a wide range of control units designed for different types of gas burners and boilers.

Products in this category, such as the Gas burner control LGA 63.191A27, Buderus 8718573621, offer advanced features to ensure safe and reliable operation of heating systems. The Burner control UBA without base Buderus, 7100900, is another example of a high-quality control unit that can optimize energy consumption and reduce emissions.

Control unit LMO54.200C2BU, Buderus 8718575516, and Buderus Logika control 7098304 are popular choices for their user-friendly interfaces and compatibility with various heating appliances. The Control unit 2107 without CM222, Buderus HS2…, 5868830, module, is ideal for upgrading older systems to improve efficiency.

Whether you need a basic control unit or a complete boiler module like the Module ZM422 Boiler complete Buderus Logamatic 4111/4412/4116, 5016789, this category offers a wide selection of reliable and innovative products to meet your heating control needs.