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Potable Water Valves

Ensure water quality with Belimo Potable Water Valves. Our category features solutions for safe water control and reliable fluid management, providing top-tier performance in your water distribution systems.

Protect the quality of your drinking water with Belimo Potable Water Valves. Our category offers a range of reliable solutions for controlling water flow and managing fluids in your distribution systems. With top-tier performance and durability, our Potable Water Valves are designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to the safety and reliability of your water supply.

Whether you need precise control with the BELIMO EXT-R215-B3-PW or high flow capacity with the BELIMO EXT-R250-B5-PW, our products are engineered to meet your specific requirements. Trust Belimo Potable Water Valves to deliver efficient and effective solutions for ensuring the cleanliness and purity of your water. Choose Belimo for unmatched performance and quality in water valve technology.