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The KF category offers a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient refrigerators from Siemens. Designed to provide optimal storage and cooling solutions for your food and beverages, these refrigerators are perfect for any modern kitchen. With sleek designs and advanced technology, Siemens KF refrigerators are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need a compact refrigerator for a small space or a larger one for a big family, there is a Siemens KF model to suit your needs. With features such as adjustable shelves, temperature control, and energy-saving modes, these refrigerators are versatile and easy to use. Keep your food fresher for longer with the innovative cooling systems in Siemens KF refrigerators.

Invest in a Siemens KF refrigerator and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings to your kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen with a stylish and reliable appliance that will keep your food at its best. Choose from the range of Siemens KF models to find the perfect refrigerator for your home.
  • Siemens KF8896, adapter for the replacement of LAE10 / LFE10 by LFS ...

    Siemens KF8896

      Siemens KF8896 adapter for the replacement of LAE10 / LFE10 by LFS ...  Datasheet The Siemens KF8896 is an adapter specifically designed for the replacement of LAE10 / LFE10 by LFS. This adapter allows for a seamless transition and...

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  • Siemens KF8885

    Siemens KF8885

    Siemens KF8885 KF8885 - Test unit, for LOA/LMOThe Siemens KF8885 Test Unit is a reliable and efficient tool for testing LOA/LMO applications. This essential product is designed to ensure the accuracy and functionality of your LOA/LMO equipment, giving...

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  • Siemens KF8872

    Siemens KF8872

      Siemens KF8872 Service adapter KF 8872 for LGB... with sensor current measurementThe Siemens KF8872 Service Adapter is a essential tool for maintaining and servicing LGB products. With its sensor current measurement feature, it allows for accurate...

  • Siemens KF8840

    Siemens KF8840

      Siemens KF8840 Service adapter KF 8840 for LOA... with resistance measurementThe Siemens KF8840 Service Adapter is a versatile tool designed to facilitate the process of resistance measurement for LOA. This product ensures precise and efficient...

  • Siemens KF8833

    Siemens KF8833

    Siemens KF8833 Service adapter, for AGK85/LMO/LOAThe Siemens KF8833 Service Adapter is a reliable and essential accessory for the AGK85, LMO, and LOA models. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this adapter ensures seamless connectivity...

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  • Siemens KF8880

    Siemens KF8880

    Siemens KF8880 Adapter/replacement type, for LMG/LGThe Siemens KF8880 adapter/replacement type is a versatile and reliable solution for your LMG/LG needs. With its durable construction and high-quality materials, this adapter ensures a secure connection...

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  • Siemens KF8853-K

    Siemens KF8853-K

    Siemens KF8853-K Adapter/replacement type, for LMG/LGBThe Siemens KF8853-K adapter/replacement type is a reliable and efficient accessory for your LMG or LGB device. This high-quality product is designed to seamlessly fit and function with your existing...

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  • Siemens KF8852

    Siemens KF8852

    Siemens KF8852 Adapter/replacement type, for LGBThe Siemens KF8852 is a high-quality adapter/replacement type product designed specifically for LGB devices. This adapter is a reliable and efficient solution for ensuring your LGB equipment operates...

  • Siemens KF8819

    Siemens KF8819

    Siemens KF8819 Adapter, to replace LAB15.1/LAB16.3 by LOA44, and LAB1/LAI by LOA44. The Siemens KF8819 Adapter is a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating your laboratory equipment. Designed to replace Lab15.1/Lab16.3 with LOA44 and Lab1/LAI...

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