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ALI, or Advanced Line Interface, is a category of high-quality and efficient kitchen appliances designed by Siemens. These products are specifically created to enhance your cooking experience with their advanced features and sleek design.

The ALI category includes a range of induction hobs such as the Siemens ALI15VAI60/61, ALI40VAI60/61, ALI20VAI60/61, ALI32VAI60/61, ALI25VAI60/61, ALI50VAI60/61. These induction hobs are known for their precision cooking capabilities and energy efficiency, making them a must-have for any modern kitchen.

In addition to induction hobs, the ALI category also offers a selection of stylish and functional ventilation hoods like the Siemens ALI50VBI60/61, ALI40VBI60/61, ALI15VBI60/61, ALI32VBI60/61, ALI20VBI60/61, ALI25VBI60/61. These ventilation hoods are designed to effectively remove cooking odors and grease, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean.

Experience the convenience and performance of Siemens ALI products in your kitchen today. Elevate your cooking game with these innovative and reliable appliances.
  • Siemens ALI25VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI25VBI60/61

      Siemens ALI25VBI60/61  Datasheet  The Siemens ALI25VBI60/61 is a sleek and efficient ball valve designed for optimal performance in various industrial applications. This 2-port or 3-port ball valve is built to withstand high pressures up...

  • Siemens ALI20VBI61

    Siemens ALI20VBI61

    Siemens ALI20VBI61Datasheet The Siemens ALI20VBI61 is a high-quality ball valve designed for efficient and reliable operation in industrial settings. This product is part of Siemens' trusted line of industrial valves, known for their durability and...

  • Siemens ALI20VBI60

    Siemens ALI20VBI60

    Siemens ALI20VBI60Datasheet The Siemens ALI20VBI60 is a high-quality ball valve designed for maximum efficiency and reliable performance. With its durable construction and precision engineering, this valve is built to last and withstand the rigors of...

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  • Siemens ALI32VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI32VBI60/61

      Siemens ALI32VBI60/61 Datasheet   The Siemens ALI32VBI60/61 is a high-quality ball valve designed for use in a variety of applications. This valve is constructed from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. With...

  • Siemens ALI15VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI15VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI15VAI60/61 Datasheet The Siemens ALI15VBI60/61 is a high-quality 2-port and 3-port ball valve that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. This valve is designed to provide precise control over the flow of liquids, making it ideal...

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  • Siemens ALI40VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI40VBI60/61

    Siemens ALI40VBI60/61Datasheet The Siemens ALI40VBI60/61 is a versatile and high-quality ball valve designed for use in a variety of applications. With a PN40 pressure rating and a VAI60 actuator, this ball valve offers reliable performance and...

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  • Siemens ALI25VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI25VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI25VAI60/61Datasheet The Siemens ALI25VAI60/61 is a versatile ball valve suitable for a variety of applications. This high-quality product is designed for durability and reliability, making it ideal for industrial use. With a pressure rating...

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  • Siemens ALI32VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI32VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI32VAI60/61Datasheet The Siemens ALI32VAI60/61 is a high-quality ball valve designed for various industrial applications. This product features a durable construction that ensures reliable performance and longevity. The valve is capable of...

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  • Siemens ALI20VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI20VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI20VAI60/61Datasheet The Siemens ALI20VAI60/61 is a reliable and efficient valve designed for industrial applications. This high-quality valve is built to last, ensuring long-term performance and durability.With a PN40 pressure rating, this...

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  • Siemens ALI40VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI40VAI60/61

    Siemens ALI40VAI60/61Datasheet The Siemens ALI40VAI60/61 is a top-of-the-line valve designed for optimal performance and reliability. This high-quality valve is built to last, made with durable materials and precision engineering to ensure smooth...

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