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Gas contol blocks

Gas control blocks are essential components in various gas appliances that regulate the flow of gas to ensure safe and efficient operation. This category includes a range of gas control units and valves from top brands like De Dietrich, Honeywell, and Interdomo.

The Gas control unit VR4601A De Dietrich 0284190, Interdomo DGXE 14-147, and Gas valve SIT 1/2" 0820-052 are just a few examples of the products available in this category. These components are designed for specific models and applications, such as natural gas or propane heating systems.

Whether you need a replacement gas valve for your De Dietrich appliance or a gas control block for a specific model, this category has you covered. Trust in the quality and reliability of these products to keep your gas appliances running smoothly and safely.

Browse our selection of gas control blocks to find the perfect fit for your needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gas appliance is equipped with the best control components available.