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The AGA category features a wide range of Siemens products designed to meet the needs of diverse industries. From the Siemens AGA22 to the Siemens AGA56.42A87, this category offers innovative solutions for various applications. Whether you are looking for precision measuring instruments or advanced automation equipment, the AGA category has you covered.

With products like the Siemens AGA23, AGA28, and AGA40.41, customers can expect reliable performance and high-quality engineering. These products are designed to improve efficiency and productivity in industrial processes. The Siemens AGA30.0, AGA30.1, and AGA30.2 models are known for their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces.

For those seeking accuracy and precision in their operations, the Siemens AGA34, AGA55.5, and AGA56.1A97 are top choices in the AGA category. With features like data logging and remote monitoring capabilities, these products offer enhanced control and monitoring options.

Overall, the AGA category from Siemens represents excellence in engineering and innovation, providing customers with reliable solutions for their industrial needs.
  • Siemens AGA21

    Siemens AGA21

    Siemens AGA21, S55851-Z301-A100The Siemens AGA21, S55851-Z301-A100 is a top-of-the-line home appliance designed to make cooking easier and more efficient than ever. This sleek and modern gas cooktop features four high-performance burners that deliver...

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  • Siemens AGA78

    Siemens AGA78 AGA78 - Pressure-reducing T-piece, for SKP75/SKP76, optional  The Siemens AGA78 is a high-quality pressure-reducing T-piece designed for use with the SKP75 and SKP76 series. This optional accessory is a key component in managing...

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  • Siemens AGA68

    Siemens AGA68

    Siemens AGA68 AGA68 - Adapter with bridge to control SKP together with VGDThe Siemens AGA68 is a versatile adapter with a bridge that allows for seamless control of the SKP and VGD units together. This innovative product simplifies the process of...

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  • Siemens AGA67

    Siemens AGA67

    Siemens AGA67 AGA67 - Plug, for SKP25.2/SKP26.2, power supply, bridge rectifier  The Siemens AGA67 is a versatile and essential component for your SKP25.2/SKP26.2 power supply unit, designed to bridge rectifier connections with ease and efficiency...

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  • Siemens AGA66

    Siemens AGA66

    Siemens AGA66 AGA66 - Gasket set, for SKP/SKLx5, from IP54 to IP65Upgrade your Siemens SKP/SKLX5 equipment with the AGA66 gasket set to ensure a seamless transition from IP54 to IP65 protection. This high-quality gasket set is designed specifically for...

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  • Siemens AGA63.5A27, Heating element

    Siemens AGA63.5A27

      Siemens AGA63.5A27 Heating element - Refer to Data Sheet N7923- For use at low ambient temperatures (< -10...-20 °C) Heating element, for SKP15/25/55/75/SKL25  The Siemens AGA63.5A27 Heating Element is a durable and reliable heating...

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  • Siemens AGA60

    Siemens AGA60

    Siemens AGA60 AGA60 - Adapter, for SQX actuators on VG valves  The Siemens AGA60 is a versatile and efficient adapter designed for SQX actuators on VG valves. With its sleek and compact design, this adapter allows for seamless integration and...

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  • Siemens AGA58.9

    Siemens AGA58.9  The Siemens AGA58.9 is a top-of-the-line gas analyzer that is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of applications. This versatile instrument is perfect for monitoring gas concentrations in...

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  • Siemens AGA58.7

    Siemens AGA58.7 AGA58.7 - Drive shaft, 14mm dia, one-sided, key, max. 40Nm  The Siemens AGA58.7 Drive Shaft is a high-quality, durable component designed for precision performance. With a diameter of 14mm, this one-sided shaft ensures a secure fit...

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  • Siemens AGA58.5

    Siemens AGA58.5  The Siemens AGA58.5 is a highly advanced industrial gas analyzer that sets new standards in precision and reliability. Designed by Siemens, a global leader in technology solutions, this analyzer is ideal for a wide range of...

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