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Electrodes are essential components used in various heating systems for ignition purposes. This category includes a range of electrodes designed for different types of burners and pilot systems. The Electrode SIT for pilot burner, 0915036, is a reliable option for ensuring efficient ignition in pilot systems. The Ignition electrode Sit for target burners 0915024 is specifically crafted for target burners, providing a precise and consistent spark. For systems with internal threads, the Ignition electrode SIT 0915025 is a suitable choice, offering a secure connection for optimal performance. Additionally, the Ignition electrode Sit round 0915015 is designed for round burners, guaranteeing a smooth and effective ignition process. Whether for industrial or residential heating applications, these electrodes are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Choose from our selection of electrodes to ensure the proper function and performance of your heating system. Trust in these electrodes to deliver consistent and efficient ignition for your burners.