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Ignition transformers

Ignition transformers are essential components in heating systems, providing the spark needed to ignite the fuel and start the heating process. These transformers are designed to withstand high temperatures and deliver reliable performance, ensuring that the heating system functions efficiently.

In this category, you will find a range of ignition transformers such as the Elco 65301259, ZE 30/7, ZAG 2XV01, EG 03 3333121878, KL55, KL85, and KL135 Z. These transformers are compatible with various heating systems and are designed to meet industry standards for safety and reliability.

Whether you are looking to replace a faulty ignition transformer or upgrade your heating system, our selection of products in this category offer high-quality options to suit your needs. With features like cable connections, plug options, and easy installation, these ignition transformers are designed to make your heating system more efficient and reliable.

Choose from our range of ignition transformers to ensure that your heating system starts up smoothly and efficiently every time.