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Photo resistors

Photo resistors are essential components in various electronic devices and systems, serving the purpose of detecting light intensity and converting it into an electrical signal. This category features a diverse range of photo resistors, ranging from the Riello 652T1 to the Riello RG 1 363T1. These products are designed for use in different applications, including gas burners, infrared detectors, and light sensors.

The Photo resistor Riello 652T1, 3003779, is a reliable option for detecting light levels in a precise manner. Meanwhile, the Gas head nozzle for Riello BS4D type 918T1 3008504 Riello is ideal for enhancing the performance of gas burners in residential and commercial settings. Other products like the Infrared flicker detector IRD1010, red Riello, 1650207, 3008461, offer advanced features for detecting flickering light sources.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system or embark on a new project, the products in this category provide innovative solutions for your photo resistor needs. Choose from this selection of high-quality photo resistors to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your electronic devices.