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Optimize your control systems with Belimo Actuators Accessories. Our category features solutions for enhancing actuator performance, ensuring precision control and efficiency in your industrial automation applications.

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your control systems with Belimo Actuators Accessories. Our collection of accessories is designed to optimize actuator functionality, ensuring precision control in a variety of industrial automation applications.

Whether you need accessories for BELIMO 20334-00001, BELIMO HH230, BELIMO HT24-MG, or any other Belimo actuator, our category has you covered. From mounting brackets to feedback modules, our accessories are engineered to work seamlessly with Belimo actuators, guaranteeing reliable performance and smooth operation.

By incorporating Belimo Actuators Accessories into your control systems, you can maximize the potential of your actuators, improving overall system efficiency and functionality. With our range of accessories, you can fine-tune your control systems to meet your exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance in any industrial automation setting.

Choose Belimo Actuators Accessories for precision control, efficiency, and reliability in all your automation applications.


    BELIMO Z-UIC Signal converter voltage/current 100 k„¦ Supply AC/DC 24 VThe BELIMO Z-UIC is a high-quality signal converter designed for converting voltage to current with a resistance of 100 kΩ. This innovative product is capable of operating with...

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  • BELIMO SKM230-T-B12.1

    BELIMO SKM230-T-B12.1

    BELIMO SKM230-T-B12.1 Power module for CM..K.. rotary actuator, AC 230 V, Open/close, IP40, TerminalsMultipack 10 pcs.The BELIMO SKM230-T-B12.1 power module is designed for use with the CM..K.. rotary actuator, providing efficient operation at AC 230V...

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  • BELIMO ZN230-24

    BELIMO ZN230-24

    BELIMO ZN230-24 Plug-in power supply unit for MFT-CThe BELIMO ZN230-24 is a plug-in power supply unit designed specifically for use with the MFT-C, offering a seamless and efficient power solution for your system. Engineered with precision and...

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  • BELIMO P200A-F

    BELIMO P200A-F

    BELIMO P200A-F Feedback potentiometer 200 „¦The BELIMO P200A-F is a high-quality feedback potentiometer designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. With a resistance rating of 200 ohms, this potentiometer provides precise control...

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  • BELIMO P1000A-F

    BELIMO P1000A-F

    BELIMO P1000A-F Feedback potentiometer 1 k„¦The BELIMO P1000A-F is a high-quality feedback potentiometer designed for precision control applications. With a resistance of 1 kΩ, this potentiometer ensures accurate and reliable feedback for various...

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    BELIMO SGE24 Positioner for built-in mountingThe BELIMO SGE24 is a superior positioner designed for built-in mounting, offering top-notch performance and reliability. This innovative product seamlessly integrates into various systems, providing precise...

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    BELIMO SGA24 Positioner for wall mountingThe BELIMO SGA24 is a reliable and efficient positioner designed for wall mounting applications. This high-quality product offers precise control and monitoring of valves in various systems, ensuring optimal...

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    BELIMO ZR-EXT-01 Valve neck extension for ball valve DN 15...50The BELIMO ZR-EXT-01 Valve Neck Extension is designed to enhance the functionality of ball valves ranging from DN 15 to 50. This precision-engineered product offers a seamless solution for...

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    BELIMO S2A-F Auxiliary switch 2 x SPDTThe BELIMO S2A-F is an auxiliary switch designed with 2 x SPDT functionality, making it an essential component for various applications. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this auxiliary switch is...

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    BELIMO ZFP2-MP Connecting board MP-Bus, for wiring boxes EXT-WR-FP..-MPEnhance the efficiency and performance of your wiring boxes with the BELIMO ZFP2-MP connecting board. Specifically designed for use with wiring boxes EXT-WR-FP..-MP, this MP-Bus...

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  • BELIMO S2A/500 GR

    BELIMO S2A/500 GR

    BELIMO S2A/500 GR Auxiliary switch 2 x SPDT add-on, greyThe BELIMO S2A/500 GR is a high-quality auxiliary switch designed to enhance the performance of your existing system. With 2 x SPDT add-on functionality, this grey auxiliary switch provides...

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    BELIMO S2A-H Auxiliary switch 2 x SPDT add-onThe BELIMO S2A-H Auxiliary Switch 2 x SPDT Add-On is a reliable and high-quality accessory designed to complement your existing systems. This product is engineered by BELIMO, a trusted brand known for its...

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