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Photo resistors UV

Photo resistors UV are essential components used in various industrial applications for flame detection and monitoring. These photo resistors utilize ultraviolet (UV) light to detect flames and are commonly found in systems such as gas burners, boilers, and other combustion systems.

Products in this category, such as the Photo resistor QRB 1B-B027A25A and Flame detector QRA2 (UV-cell) by Weishaupt, are designed to provide reliable and accurate flame detection. The Photo resistor QRB 1 B, Photo cell Weishaupt MS8Z/2, and Flame detector QRB1C are also among the high-quality options available for purchase.

Weishaupt is a renowned manufacturer of photo resistors UV, with products like the Flame detector QRB1B and QRB1A designed for specific models like WL5 and WL 20C. The Flame detector QRB 1 / 35 for Weishaupt WL 30-A(Z) is another example of a product in this category that ensures safe and efficient operation in industrial settings.

Overall, these photo resistors UV offer reliable flame detection capabilities, making them a crucial component in maintaining safety and efficiency in industrial environments.