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The SAV category offers a selection of high-quality Siemens products designed to meet a variety of industrial automation needs. With options such as the SAV81P00, SAV61P00, and SAV31P00, this category provides reliable solutions for a wide range of applications. These products are known for their precision, durability, and advanced technology, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial environments. Whether you are looking for a standalone module or a complete system, the SAV category has options to suit your specific requirements. Each product is built to the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring optimal results and long-lasting reliability. Trust Siemens SAV products to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency in your automation processes.
  • Siemens SAV31.00, S55150-A112 Electromotoric actuator

    Siemens SAV31.00

    Siemens SAV31.00, S55150-A112 Electromotoric actuator, 1600 N, 20/40 mm, AC 230 V, 3P Datasheet The Siemens SAV31.00, S55150-A112 Electromotoric Actuator is a powerful and reliable component designed for valve applications. With a maximum force of...

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  • Siemens SAV61.00, S55150-A110 Electromotoric actuator

    Siemens SAV61.00

    Siemens SAV61.00, S55150-A110 Electromotoric actuator, 1600 N, 20/40 mm, AC/DC 24 V, DC 0Â…10 V / DC 4Â…20 mA Datasheet The Siemens SAV61.00 is a high-quality electromotoric actuator designed for precise control of valves in various industrial...

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  • Siemens SAV81.00, S55150-A111 Electromotoric actuator

    Siemens SAV81.00

    Siemens SAV81.00, S55150-A111 Electromotoric actuator, 1600 N, 20/40 mm, AC/DC 24 V, 3P Datasheet Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your valves with the Siemens SAV81.00 Electromotoric Actuator. This powerful actuator is designed to provide a...

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