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Pressure plates

Pressure plates are crucial components in the functioning of various heating systems and boilers. They are designed to regulate and control the flow of fuel and air within the system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. In this category, you will find a range of pressure plates from top brands like Riello, known for their quality and reliability.

These pressure plates come in different variations to suit various models and systems, such as flow-safeguard RMC 3E Riello, mixer unit Riello RGO1, and rear parts like Riello BGK 2 374T1. Whether you need a pressure plate with an inspection tube or a front part for your boiler, you can find it in this category.

Investing in high-quality pressure plates is essential for the smooth operation of your heating system. With the right pressure plate, you can ensure that your system functions efficiently and effectively, providing you with consistent heating and hot water. Browse through our selection of pressure plates to find the perfect fit for your system.