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RLU (Room Level Unit) controllers are essential components in building automation systems, designed to regulate temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions in commercial and industrial settings. These controllers play a crucial role in maintaining optimal comfort levels and energy efficiency within a space by continuously monitoring and adjusting HVAC systems.

The Siemens RLU series offers a range of advanced universal controllers that are highly versatile and reliable. With options like the RLU202, RLU220, RLU222, RLU232, and RLU236, users can select the right controller to suit their specific needs and requirements. From basic temperature control to more complex building automation tasks, the RLU controllers provide superior functionality and performance.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces, Siemens RLU controllers are easy to install, program, and operate. They offer seamless integration with other building management systems, allowing for seamless automation and remote monitoring capabilities. With their high-quality construction and precision engineering, Siemens RLU controllers are a dependable choice for controlling and optimizing environmental conditions in diverse applications.
  • Siemens RLU236

    Siemens RLU236

    Siemens RLU236 Universal controller, 2 control loops, 3 analog and 6 relay outputs Datasheet The Siemens RLU236 is a versatile and efficient universal controller that is essential for a variety of industrial applications. With 2 control loops, 3 analog...

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  • Siemens RLU202

    Siemens RLU202

    Siemens RLU202 Tested, predefined applications Flexible configuration Suited for the controlled variables temperature, relative / absolute humidity, pressure / differential pressure, air flow rate, indoor air quality, etc. Autonomous sequence...

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