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The DKW category consists of high-quality oil burner control units designed for efficient and reliable operation. These products, such as the Honeywell DKW 972- Mod. 05 Satronic 0422005U and the Honeywell DKW 976-N mod.05 0426005U, are essential components for controlling the combustion process in oil burners.

These units are manufactured by trusted brands like Honeywell and are known for their durability and precision. They are designed to regulate fuel flow and ignition, ensuring optimal burner performance and maximum energy efficiency.

Whether you are a professional in the HVAC industry or a homeowner looking to upgrade your heating system, the DKW category offers a range of products to suit your needs. With easy installation and user-friendly operation, these oil burner control units are a wise investment for any heating system. Choose DKW for reliable, high-performance products that will keep your home or business warm and comfortable.