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Firing devices

Firing devices are an essential component in various heating systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation. This category includes a range of products such as control units, relay bases, electric panels, and firing devices from well-known brands like Satronic, Honeywell, Elco, Siemens, and Klockner.

The Satronic control unit SH113, Honeywell SH213 mod.C3, and Elco 13021223 are just a few examples of the high-quality products available in this category. These devices are designed to regulate and monitor the combustion process, providing precise control over the heating system.

Whether you need a relay base like the Elco EK01B, an electric panel with cable such as the Elco V-BL01.22, or a firing device like the Siemens LOA36.171, this category has a wide selection to meet your specific needs.

Choose from a variety of firing devices to ensure the smooth operation of your heating system and keep your space comfortably warm throughout the year.