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Accessories for Siemens damper actuators

Enhance the functionality and performance of your Siemens damper actuators with our wide range of accessories specifically designed for optimal compatibility and seamless integration. Our selection of accessories includes auxiliary switches, mounting sets, weathershields, resistance and OHM pots, and more to help you customize and tailor your Siemens damper actuators to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Whether you need to expand the functionality of your actuators with additional switches, protect them from harsh weather conditions, or fine-tune their resistance levels, our accessories are designed to provide you with the flexibility and versatility you need. Trust in the quality and reliability of Siemens accessories to ensure smooth operation and extended lifespan for your damper actuators. Explore our comprehensive range of accessories and find the perfect additions to optimize the performance of your Siemens damper actuators.
  • Siemens ASK30

    Siemens ASK30

    Siemens ASK30 Adapter is used to fit SQS35/65/85... and SSC... actuators to former Landis & Gyr valvesThe Siemens ASK30 adapter is a versatile accessory designed to seamlessly integrate SQS35/65/85 and SSC actuators with former Landis & Gyr valves...

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  • Siemens WRI982, Consumption data interface, S55621-H112

    Siemens WRI982

      Siemens WRI982 Consumption data interface, S55621-H112 The consumption data interface collects consumption (meter) data and communicates these data using KNX RF directly to the central apartment unit (QAX913 or QAX903). Meters may be connected...

  • Siemens ASK75.1

    Siemens ASK75.1

    Siemens ASK75.1 Weather shield for rotary actuator Datasheet The Siemens ASK75.1 Weather shield is a durable and reliable accessory designed for rotary actuators. This product provides protection from various weather conditions, ensuring the longevity...

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  • Siemens ASK46.1

    Siemens ASK46.1

    Siemens ASK46.1 Manual adjuster for VKF46.., DN40 to DN65  The Siemens ASK46.1 is a manual adjuster designed for use with the VKF46.. valve in sizes DN40 to DN65. This versatile and reliable product allows for precise control and adjustment of flow...

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  • Siemens ASK35N

    Siemens ASK35N

    Siemens ASK35N Stock no. S55845-Z102 Siemens ASK35N Mounting set for SAL.. onto VKF45..    The Siemens ASK35N Mounting Set is a versatile and convenient solution for installing your SAL onto VKF45. This product is designed for ease of use,...

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  • Siemens ASK46.3

    Siemens ASK46.3

    Siemens ASK46.3 Manual adjuster for VKF46.., DN150 to DN200The Siemens ASK46.3 manual adjuster is the perfect accessory for the VKF46.. valve systems in sizes DN150 to DN200. This high-quality adjuster is designed to provide precision control and...

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  • Siemens ASK46.2

    Siemens ASK46.2

    Siemens ASK46.2 Manual adjuster for VKF46.., DN80 to DN125The Siemens ASK46.2 is a manual adjuster specifically designed for use with the VKF46 series in sizes ranging from DN80 to DN125. This adjuster provides precise control and adjustment...

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