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The WSM5 category consists of a wide range of Siemens ultrasonic heat meters designed for accurate and efficient energy measurement in various applications. These meters offer precise measurement of heat consumption in heating and cooling systems, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

With models like the WSM506-BE, WSM515-BE, and WSM525-BE, Siemens offers reliable and high-quality heat meters that ensure accurate billing and monitoring of energy usage. The WSN606-BE, WSN615-BE, and WSN625-BE models further enhance the capabilities of the WSM5 category by providing advanced features for data collection and remote monitoring.

Whether you need a basic heat meter like the WSM506-0E or a more advanced model like the WSM836-FBBAE3A, the WSM5 category has a solution to meet your specific requirements. Trust Siemens to deliver top-of-the-line heat meters that guarantee precision, reliability, and user-friendly operation for all your energy measurement needs.