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Bentone is a trusted brand known for its high-quality products designed for efficient and reliable heating systems. This category features a range of products essential for burner ignition and optimal performance. From ignition transformers to electrode replacements, Bentone offers everything you need to ensure your heating system is running smoothly.

The Penstock oil preheater Bentone B10 FUV is just one example of the innovative solutions Bentone provides for heating systems. With products like the FIDA 10/20 CM 33 ignition transformer and the Geminox oil preheater B10 3776, Bentone offers top-of-the-line components to keep your burner operating at its best.

Whether you need a new burner motor or an ionisation electrode, Bentone has you covered with products like the Bentone B10 ignition electrode and the BG 100 ionisation electrode. Trust Bentone to provide the quality components you need to keep your heating system running efficiently.