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The LOA category offers a range of high-quality, reliable Siemens products designed for industrial control applications. These products, including the Siemens LOA36.171A27, LOA28.173A27, LOA24.171B27, LOA25.173C27, and LOA24.173A27, are known for their exceptional performance and durability.

Siemens LOA devices are used in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, and energy, to control and monitor various processes. These products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial environments, providing precise and accurate control of machinery and equipment.

With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Siemens LOA products are trusted by customers around the world for their superior quality and reliability. Whether you need a simple control solution or a more complex monitoring system, the LOA category has the perfect product to meet your needs. Experience the power and precision of Siemens LOA devices in your industrial applications today.
  • Siemens LOA24.173A27

    Siemens LOA24.173A27

      Siemens LOA24.173A27 BPZ:LOA24.173A27 Datasheet The Siemens LOA24.173A27 is a reliable and durable product designed to meet your industrial needs. With its BPZ designation, you can trust that this product is manufactured to the highest standards...

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  • Siemens LOA25.173C27

    Siemens LOA25.173C27

    Siemens LOA25.173C27 FLAME CONTROL Flame controller Siemens for use with oil burner Datasheet The Siemens LOA25.173C27 is a top-of-the-line flame controller designed for use with oil burners. This essential component ensures safe and efficient...

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  • Siemens LOA24.171B27

    Siemens LOA24.171B27

      Siemens LOA24.171B27 Oil burner control, 2-stage, t1=13s, TSA=10s, t3n=15...20s, AC220...240V Datasheet The Siemens LOA24.171B27 oil burner control is a reliable and efficient 2-stage control unit designed to optimize the performance of your oil...

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  • Siemens LOA28.173A27

    Siemens LOA28.173A27

      Siemens LOA28.173A27 Automatic oil firing device Datasheet The Siemens LOA28.173A27 is a reliable and efficient automatic oil firing device designed to enhance the performance of your heating system. This product boasts a high-quality construction...

  • Siemens LOA36.171A27

    Siemens LOA36.171A27

    Siemens LOA36.171A27 Oil burner control, 2-stage, t1=13s, TSA=10s, t3n=15 Datasheet The Siemens LOA36.171A27 is an oil burner control designed for efficient and precise operation. With a 2-stage functionality, this control ensures optimal performance...

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