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Control units

Control units are essential components for various heating systems and appliances, providing users with the ability to adjust and regulate their operation. This category includes a wide range of products designed to control different aspects of heating equipment, such as display modules, switches, PCBs, timers, and cards.

Products like the MCBA 1466 D display module and the Switch De Dietrich Diematic Easymatic offer users convenient interfaces for monitoring and adjusting their heating systems. Meanwhile, modules like the ECS MB1 AD127 and the Main PCB DTG SE 115 NEZ provide the necessary control functions to ensure optimal performance.

With items like the Vario PCB, Timer modules, and ON/OFF switches, users can customize the operation of their heating systems based on their specific needs. Whether it's a simple switch or a more complex control module, this category offers a variety of products to help users effectively manage and control their heating equipment.