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AGK, or auxiliary gland kits, are essential components used in various electrical installations to ensure proper sealing and protection of cables. This product category includes a variety of Siemens AGK products such as gland boxes, brackets, and kits designed to meet the specific needs of different applications. The Siemens AGK products offer reliable and durable solutions for cable entry and management, ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems.

With options like the Siemens AGK65 gland box bracket for AGK11, Siemens AGK11.6, and Siemens AGK30, this category caters to a wide range of requirements. Whether you need a simple gland kit or a more complex solution for cable sealing, Siemens AGK products provide high-quality and cost-effective options. From small-scale residential projects to large industrial installations, AGK products are versatile and adaptable for various settings.

Choose Siemens AGK products for dependable cable management solutions that guarantee optimal performance and protection for your electrical systems. Trust in the quality and expertise of Siemens to deliver top-notch products that meet the highest standards in the industry.
  • Siemens AGK30 Auxiliary module

    Siemens AGK30

      Siemens AGK30 S55856-Z301-A100, Auxiliary module Connection of UV flame detectors QRA2M and QRA10M is only permitted if additional module AGK30 is used. Additional module AGK30 must always be connected within plug-in base AGK11.7 in terminal areas...

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  • Siemens AGK66

    Siemens AGK66_x000D_ Cable holder, for small capacity burner controls, with knockout holes The Siemens AGK66 cable holder is a versatile and reliable solution for managing cables in small capacity burner controls. Designed with convenience in mind, this...

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  • Siemens AGK11.7 Plug-in base

    Siemens AGK11.7

      Siemens AGK11.7 Plug-in base, connection accessory, for Siemens flame safeguards The plug-in base AGK11.7 is available for mounting and is designed for cable entry from the front, the side, or below.4 earth terminals provide connections for the...

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  • Siemens AGK65.1

    Siemens AGK65.1  The Siemens AGK65.1 is a powerful and reliable industrial gas turbine designed to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of applications. With its advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology, this turbine is ideal for...

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  • Siemens AGK25

    Siemens AGK25 The Siemens AGK25 is a high-performance gas-fired condensing boiler designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for residential and commercial spaces. With a maximum output of 25kW, this boiler is suitable for medium-sized...

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  • Siemens AGK11.6

    Siemens AGK11.6 The Siemens AGK11.6 is a high-performance and reliable industrial control gear that is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial automation systems. This rugged and durable device is built to withstand harsh...

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  • Siemens AGK11 Plug-in base

    Siemens AGK11

      Siemens AGK11 Plug-in base, for phase-controlled burner controls, black Base Landis & Staefa AGK 11 for LOA, LMO, LGA, LGB, LGD, LMG Suitable for: LOA.../LMO.../LGA.../LGB.../LGD.../LMG... Datasheet The Siemens AGK11 is a reliable plug-in...

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  • Siemens AGK410490250

    Siemens AGK410490250

    Siemens AGK410490250 Terminal base control device Landis & Staefa, LFE10, high, AGK410490250The Siemens AGK410490250 is a high-quality terminal base control device designed for use with Landis & Staefa LFE10 systems. This device is essential for...

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  • Siemens AGK410413450

    Siemens AGK410413450

      Siemens AGK410413450 Terminal base control device Landis & LFE10, AGK410413450Enhance your control device systems with the Siemens AGK410413450 Terminal Base. This specialized device is designed specifically for use with the Landis & LFE10...