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Siemens Burner controller LGK

The Siemens Burner Controller LGK category offers a wide range of high-quality gas burner control options for various industrial applications. With products such as the Siemens LGK16.122A27, LGK16.133A27, LGK16.322A27, LGK16.335A27, LGK16.622A27, LGK16.622A17, LGK16.635A27, LGK16.333A27, and LGK16.635A17, this category provides efficient and reliable solutions for controlling burner operations.

Designed for ease of use and optimal performance, Siemens Burner Controller LGK products are known for their precision, durability, and advanced technology. These controllers offer precise control over gas flow, ignition, and monitoring processes, ensuring safe and efficient operation of burners in various industrial settings.

Whether it's for heating systems, boilers, or other combustion processes, Siemens Burner Controller LGK products are essential components to ensure smooth and reliable burner performance. Trust in the quality and performance of Siemens Burner Controller LGK products for all your industrial burner control needs.
  • Siemens LGK16.635A17

    Siemens LGK16.635A17

    Siemens LGK16.635A17 Burner control Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.635A17 Burner Control is a high-quality, reliable product designed to regulate the operation of burners in industrial settings. This control unit allows for precise monitoring and...

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  • Siemens LGK16.333A27

    Siemens LGK16.333A27

    Siemens LGK16.333A27 Gas burner control, t1=31.5s, TSA=3s, AC230V Datasheet Enhance the efficiency and control of your gas burner with the Siemens LGK16.333A27 Gas Burner Control. This high-quality control unit is designed to optimize the performance of...

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  • Siemens LGK16.635A27

    Siemens LGK16.635A27

    Siemens LGK16.635A27 Gas burner control, t1=66s, TSA=2.5s, AC230V Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.635A27 is a highly efficient and reliable gas burner control unit designed to meet the heating needs of commercial and industrial applications. With a fast...

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  • Siemens LGK16.622A17

    Siemens LGK16.622A17

    Siemens LGK16.622A17 Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.622A17 is a reliable and efficient product designed to meet your specific industrial needs. This high-quality component features the renowned Siemens brand, known for its superior performance and...

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  • Siemens LGK16.622A27

    Siemens LGK16.622A27

    Siemens LGK16.622A27 Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.622A27 is a high-quality and reliable product that offers efficiency and convenience for your electrical needs. This product is designed with advanced technology to ensure optimal performance and safety...

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  • Siemens LGK16.335A27

    Siemens LGK16.335A27

    Siemens LGK16.335A27 Gas burner control, t1=37s, TSA=2.5s, AC230V Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.335A27 gas burner control is a reliable and efficient solution for regulating your gas burner system. With a T1 of 37 seconds and a TSA of 2.5 seconds, this...

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  • Siemens LGK16.322A27

    Siemens LGK16.322A27

    Siemens LGK16.322A27 Gas burner control, for stationary air heaters, t1=35.5s, TSA=2s, AC230V Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.322A27 is a reliable gas burner control designed for stationary air heaters. With a T1 of 35.5 seconds and TSA of 2 seconds, this...

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  • Siemens LGK16.122A27

    Siemens LGK16.122A27

    Siemens LGK16.122A27 Gas burner control, for flash-steam generators, t1=10s, TSA=2s, AC230V Datasheet The Siemens LGK16.122A27 Gas Burner Control is a high-quality component designed for use in flash-steam generators. With a response time of 10...

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