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Elster Kromschroder


Kestakon limited also supplies products and components from KromSchroder (Kromschröder).

Kromschroder (Kromschroeder) provides various solutions for the petrochemical and process industries. Kromschröder supplies through Kestakon limited  gas line - and security, Jeavons equipment and the Elster-Instromet gas equipment.

Elster Kromschröder components are of the highest quality. Known manufacturers of heating and industrial furnaces are using these products.  

If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Kromschroder please contact the sales department at

Elster Kromschroder is a trusted supplier of high-quality components for the petrochemical and process industries. With a range of products including gas line security systems, Jeavons equipment, and Elster-Instromet gas equipment, Kromschroder provides reliable solutions for various industrial applications.

Manufacturers of heating and industrial furnaces rely on Elster Kromschroder components for their durability and performance. Kestakon limited is a proud distributor of Kromschroder products, ensuring that customers have access to top-of-the-line equipment for their operation needs.

Whether you are looking for specific parts, accessories, or guidance on selecting the right products for your industry, the sales department at Kestakon limited is ready to assist. Contact for more information on how Elster Kromschroder can meet your company's requirements for efficient and reliable industrial solutions.