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The Miscellaneous category includes a wide range of products designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of various heating systems. From burner seals and insulation to impellers and electrodes, this category offers essential components for maintenance and repairs. Whether you need a gas burner control unit, a flue gas control, or a complete pilot burner, you can find the necessary parts in this diverse selection.

Maintaining your heating system is crucial for optimal performance and longevity, which is why having access to high-quality replacement parts is essential. With products like condensate trap seals, maintenance kits, and gas valves, you can ensure that your system operates smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, accessories like brackets, ionisation electrodes, and thermometers provide additional support and monitoring capabilities.

Browse through the Miscellaneous category to find the specific products you need to keep your heating system running smoothly. With a comprehensive selection of components from trusted brands like De Dietrich and Interdomo, you can find everything you need to maintain and repair your heating system with ease.