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Modules in this category are essential components for various heating systems, providing important functions and controls to ensure efficient operation. From operating modules to function modules, there is a wide range of products available to meet different needs.

Products like the Buderus HS 2105/HS 2105M and Module M086 with summer economy function offer features designed to optimize energy usage and performance. Meanwhile, items such as the Buderus 5016882 Module M005 S06 Mixer radio clock provide additional convenience and control options.

Whether you're in need of a control board like the Module M400 for the Buderus HS 4201, or a timer module such as the Buderus 5016571 Module M171, this category has you covered. With products like the Module M042 Thermometer and the Function module ZM 434, there are options available to enhance monitoring and regulation within your heating system.

Explore our selection of modules to find the right components to improve the efficiency and functionality of your heating system.