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Ignition electrodes

The Ignition electrodes category includes a range of essential components for ensuring efficient and reliable ignition in various heating systems. These electrodes play a crucial role in creating a spark that initiates the combustion process, making them vital for the proper functioning of gas or oil-fired appliances.

Products in this category, such as the Ionisation cable Intercal SGN(F) 44/2-66/2 and the Ignition electrode Ideal Standard 200 DI 58528415, are designed to meet high-quality standards and provide consistent performance. Whether you need an Ignition cable for Electro-Oil Gas models or specific Ignition electrodes for Eurozero systems, this category has a diverse selection to cater to different heating requirements.

With options like the Ignition cable (L=280) Electro-Oil Interzero 2011 and the Ignition electrode Electro Oil 113-GO, customers can find suitable components to maintain or repair their heating equipment effectively. Explore our Ignition electrodes category for top-notch products that offer durability, functionality, and compatibility with a variety of heating systems.